Chabahar Port

Chabahar port is located on international shipping routes Oman Sea and due to its strategic position it can play an important role in transit and transshipment of cargo to Afghanistan, Central Asia and other ports in Persian Gulf. This port has the potential to serve variety of commodities and services ranging from general cargo, container, bulk, oil products, water, supplies and maintenance of vessels and processing goods.


  • 30 % discount on all items of port dues for container vessels;
  • Offering volume-based gradual discounts for container THC to shipping lines;
  • 75 % discount on imported container storage charges and 85 % discount on exported container storage charges;
  • 30 % discount on costs of handling and storage of non-container cargoes, compared with other Iranian ports; and
  • Existence of a Chabahar Transit Route to Milak (Chabahar-Nikshahr-Iranshahr-Zahedan)

  • Constructing warehouses;
  • Constructing ¬†grain silos;
  • Constructing export terminals;
  • Constructing edible oil storage tanks;
  • Providing bunkering and catering services to ships; and
  • Partnership in implementing the Port Development Plan